Bindara Foals & Youngstock

Bindara Nureyev – 2006 (Rudi)

Chestnut 16.1hh AWHA Colt (Gelding)

Sire: Contenda (IMP)
Dam: Waterview Park Mariana
Sire of Dam: Moselfisher (IMP)

Nureyev was the first foal for Bindara. Following a successful saddle career for his dam we looked forward to his arrival with great anticipation and we have not been disappointed. Early on we decided that we would retain this foal as a saddle horse and this has proven to be a wonderful decision. He certainly has the most exceptional temperament and has coped brilliantly with competition including the electric atmosphere at Werribee Park – both indoors and out. See our news page for regular updates on Nureyevs competition career.

Bindara Nureyev – 2006  (Rudi)

Bindara Carnivale 2010 (Ellie)

Chestnut, to make at least 16.3hh, AWHA (pending) Filly

Sire: Cannavaro (IMP)
Dam: Waterview Park Mariana
Sire of Dam: Moselfisher (IMP)

Carnivale is Marianas second foal for Bindara. She is very similar in type to Nureyev which should stand to reason when her bloodlines are taken into consideration. She is a very leggy filly with nice flat bone. Her whole outline is very balanced and she shows lovely paces as she plays in the paddock. She will mature to be a tall horse and, although I have 16.3 in the heading 17hh will not be out of question for her.  She was sensible to wean and has taken to all the necessary baby handling with ease.

Bindara Carnivale 2010  (Ellie)

Bindara Spindrift 2010 (Drift)

Grey, to make 16.1hh Anglo Arabian, Filly

Sire: Jirrima Unbelievable
Dam: Our Pin Up Girl XX
Sire of Dam: Loosen Up (USA)

Spindrift is the result of many years of planning. Our Pin Up Girl has miscarried twice so the pregnancy that has produced this fill was pretty much a last ditch effort. Drift is a super type of filly with a strong thoroughbred look that has combined well with the extravagance of her sires movement. Missy was selected as brood mare for her extreme and natural hock action which has been passed on to the baby. Jirrima Unbelievable has been gelded so this filly will represent one of the last of his line. To be retained by the stud as a breeding prospect.

Bindara Spindrift 2010 (Drift)

Rosewood Park Summer Belle 2010 (Bella)

Chestnut, to make 16hh, AWHA (pending), Filly

Sire: Bellario (IMP)
Dam: Summer Charm
Sire of Dam: Not available

Summer Belle is not really our foal. Her owner/breeder, Bob Watson, gave me an opportunity to select a stallion for his thoroughbred mare and this foal is the result. I feel responsible for Bella and she is such a top foal that I will gladly follow and be involved in her future career.

Now a yearling, Bella is developing into a really lovely filly with incredible natural hock engagement.  She should make a top dressage horse with the action that she shows us in the paddock.

Rosewood Park Summer Belle 2010 (Bella)

Bindara Allegra


Rose is our only 2011 foal and luckily we have a filly.  By Lauries As (imp) out of Waterview Park Mariana, Rose was born on the 7th of November at Bob Watsons Rosewood Park.  Lucky for us to have Bob just down the road and always willing to step in when my real job gets in the way of horse activity.  Rose is black with a star and un joined strip - she also has two white hind socks although one is just a ripple around the top.

Bindara Allegra